Uni Commander
Universal Commander for PalmOS®

Version 1.813 freeware
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Designed for PalmOS


What is UniCMD ?

UniCMD (Uni Commander, Universal Commander für PalmOS®) is a program to manage, backup and exchange databases and files on PalmOS® computers:

It encloses several powerful and comfortable functions :

- copy (in all directions/ expansion cards/ handy/ PC)
- beam, data exchange (EXG: bluetooth, IRDA, SMS; serial: X/Y-Modem)
- compress (ZIP)
- cipher, encode (BlowfishCBC, MD5, Mime64 (email-attachments))
- view (Jpeg/Exif, Text, HTML)
- file-associations (view/open files with other applications)
- backup (manual or scheduled, full or selective (Backup/Update)
- edit text (Text)
- info (Dateien Speichermedien, System)
- configure (Ansicht, Funktionen)

Ergonomics, Functionality & Compatibility

UniCMD is developed to provide a wide funcionality in an easy to use and ergonomic user interface.
Therefore a dynamic version of a two window user interface, which is well known on desktop computers, is created. You can control the functions and navigate with only a few clicks and short movements of the stylus.

The handling of files and databases should be easy and equal on the PalmCard and the expansion cards. Necessary conversion (installation or export) of databases can be done automatically.

Independence and compatibillity are important points: UniCMD uses system independent file formats. That means you can view JPG-files, can work on common ZIP-files and the logfile is a simple text-file. Backups will be put into ZIP-archives so you also can access your data without PalmOS or UniCMD.

System support
UniCMD runs on most recent PalmPDAs with PalmOS 4 and devices with PalmOS 5 untill Tungsten T3 series. T5 devices and above are not tested.
The following special features are supported:
- Landscape view (320x480pix) of PalmOne Tungsten, Tapwave and Sony Clie PDAs
- Alphasmart Dana wide&tall - screen

Currently I cannot continue the development of UniCMD.

Tests, reviews...

-"ITM praktiker" best products award

-Palmsite Review

Palmare report about UniCMD 1.35 (10/2002)